Inspiration Monday

Olá a todas(os)! Espero que a vossa semana tenha começado bem! Da minha parte começou como todas as outras. Olho para o calendário, penso que é impossível já estarmos na última semana de Outubro, e, depois de tomar o pequeno-almoço, volto a estar em sintonia com o mundo. Espero que gostem das escolhas de hoje!

Hi everyone! I hope your week started of really well! For me it started like all the other. I look at the calendar, think it's impossible for October to be ending already, and, after having breakfast, I make my peace with the world again. Anyway, I hope you'll like today's inspirations!

1. Houseboats

2. Lovely hand-knitted accessories by Branda
(source for all images)

3. Golden leaves

4. Dear old walkmans!

5. Pebbles

6. Toile de jouy

7. Candy (always!)


  1. Love those houseboats:)

  2. Me too! I have a dream to someday live in one of those for a period of time :)

  3. Oh that first photo of a houseboat was taken by me...

  4. Hi Kate! I've already put the correct link on the photo :)

    I'm so sorry for that. I always try to find the original source of the images I use, but many times - like in this case - all I have is the link to tumblr.

  5. Thanks Aramar for featuring our work in this fall post! Love it!! ♥♥


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