Lisbon calling, part I

Passei a tarde andando entre o Rossio e o Chiado, e foi bom sentir o seu pulso. Ouvir os passos de tanta gente. Ver pessoas de sacos na mão, a comprar as prendas de Natal no comércio de rua. Sente-se a vida, numa cidade que não se apaga. Lisboa é, cada vez mais, um gosto adquirido.

I spent the afternoon walking around Rossio and Chiado (two very typical areas of Lisbon), and it was good to feel its pulse. Hearing the steps of so many people. Seeing people with bags in their hands, shopping for Christmas in the street shops. I could feel the life in a city that doesn't fade away. Lisbon is, more and more, an acquired taste.


  1. Lovely images! Great to see what Lisbon looks like!

  2. Thanks! For many years I walked through the city without really seeing it. It was just the place where I had my university classes. Now I'm finally seeing it in a whole new light :)

  3. Minha adorada Lisboa :)


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