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Hoje dei um longo passeio ao fim da tarde. Apetecia-me ver Lisboa de longe, e cheguei à hora em que o rio parecia mais azul, quase turquesa. É bom estar longe, e ao mesmo tempo tão perto.

Aproveito para vos relembrar que a loja está em saldos até dia 31! Aproveitem!

Today I took a long walk in the late afternoon. I wanted to see Lisbon from a far, and I got to the belvedere right when the river looked more blue, almost turquoise. It's good to be far, and yet so close.

I take this opportunity to remind you that all the items in the shop are on sale until the 31st!


  1. Wow, that second shot is good! Lovely photos of the river =)

  2. Thank you! My personal favourite as well :)

  3. beautiful photos! the weather looks so wonderful in lisbon, our days are kinda grey right now. can't wait for springs rise.

    thank you for visiting me, your comment made me happy!!! ♥

  4. Thanks! We're having lots of sun lately but with the sun came a very cold front so it's not so good to be outside. Can't wait for the spring either!


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