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Adoro a forma como os anos 70 estão a ser reinterpretados por tantas e tantas marcas! É quase como se as roupas pertencessem à filha mais nova da Annie Hall. Aqui estão algumas imagens da colecção Outono/Inverno da Bimba & Lola, marca espanhola que já tem três lojas em Portugal, e da qual gosto muito, mas mesmo muito (morro de amores pelos sapatos da última imagem à direita!).
I love the way so many brands are reinterpreting the 70's! It's almost like the clothes belong to Annie Hall's yonger daughter. Here are some images from Fall/Winter collection by Bimba & Lola, a spanish brand that already has three stores here in Portugal, and of which I like very very much (I die for the shoes in the last image on the right!). 


  1. i've just found you through elsie's a beautiful mess and your blog is awesome. the designs you craft are stellar pieces, it's been fun looking through everything tonight when for some reason i can't seem to fall asleep. this has been nice company, love the 70's influence, those shoes are amazing!!!

    i'm also swooning over the post you did on lake como. i've been there twice and it's one of my fave places ever!!!!! the gelato is out of this world and right down by the boat dock, can't beat that view. ♥

  2. Hi Lynn! Thank you so much for this comment, it's really nice to have such good feedback :D


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