Hoje deixei cair a minha máquina fotográfica digital, que agora tem a objectiva algo amolgada, e só rezo para que consiga ser arranjada! Assim, arranjei mais um pretexto para revisitar as fotografias analógicas de Milão. Amanhã, mais um bocadinho de Veneza.

Today I dropped my digital camera on the floor, and now the lens is a bit dented. I'm just praying it can be fixed! So I just found one more excuse to revisit my film photos from Milan. Tomorrow there'll be a bit more of Venice.


  1. The photogrphs are great. So atmospheric! you should post more od your own photos, they arevery very worth it :D

  2. Thank you so much! It's only been a few years since I started to be more confidante with my photos. Now that my digital is broke, I guess I'll finally use the roll of film in my analogue :D


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