Eu lembro-me de, logo à chegada a Veneza, me ter sentido sufocada por tanta gente, de andar perdida à procura da Praça de S.Marco e rebugenta por estar cheia de fome (eventualmente lá encontrei um restaurante bom e barato). Para me abstrair da confusão fui olhando para cima, e vi as janelas, os edifícios, a luz. E fui tirando fotografias. Depois vi que nessas fotografias (tal como em quase todas as que tiro) não há confusão, nem ruído, nem gente. Só Veneza.

I remember that, as soon as I arrived in Venice, I felt sufocated by all the people, got lost looking for S.Marco square and then became crancky for being so hungry (eventually I managed to find a good and cheap restaurant). To get away from the confusion I looked up, and I saw the windows, the biuldings, the light. And I snapped pictures along the way. Then I noticed that in those photos (like in almost all the photos I take) there's no confusion, or noise, or people. Just Venice.


  1. my favourite part about Venice was getting lost in less crowded areas where you could see people sitting outside who knew those sailing by in their own boats because they were locals. That was my fave :)

  2. Wish I did that as well! But when going with a group and a tight time frame we have to make some concessions, wich I did.

    My favourite part was chatting with a local old man who told me the number of bridges and churches in Venice, and the story behind some bridges names. So good :D


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