Milano Part IV

Estava a ver um programa sobre o Roberto Cavalli e, depois de rever algumas ruas de Milão, fiquei com aquela saudadezinha que me é tão característica. Daí até revisitar as fotografias que tirei em Setembro foi um passo, e daí até resolver mostrar-vos estas, que ainda não tinham sido publicadas no blogue, foi mais outro passo. Tenham uma boa noite!

I was watching a show about Roberto Cavalli and, after seeing some of the streets of Milan, I got that little feeling of nostalgia that is almost my trademark characteristic. It was just a small step to revisit the photos I took there in September and just one more small step to decide to show you these, that still haven't been published in the blog. Have good night!


  1. You know something....milan is so beautiful in your photos!
    I live in milan and I am in love with everything about Portugal...some of that are: Lisboa, Pasteis de Belem, Aramar, Porto, Franzesinha...

  2. Thank you! I really loved the city and just wish I could've been there a bit longer.

    I'm glad my little project is on your list of the things you love about Portugal! :D


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