Inspiration Monday

Olá a todas(os)! Como é que está a ser a vossa segunda-feira? Espero que óptima! Aqui estão as minhas inspirações para esta semana e espero que gostem!

Hi everyone! How's your Monday going on? Very good, I hope! Here are my inspirations for this week and I hope you like them!

1. This house!
(source for all photos)

2. Cinnamon rolls (never tried one but they look so good!)

3. This shor film about Scott Schuman, the man behind The Sartorialist

4. These amazing scarves by White Moth

5. Karlie Kloss (wonderful face!)

6. The coolest rings

7. This photo!


  1. ohohohoohhoho
    what great inspirations, you should post the recipe for this cinnamon rolls. we should bake them! :D

  2. I really have to find a good recipe and make them! And my dad's birthday this week will be the best place to have a group tasting :D

    If they turn out ok I'll post the recipe on my food-related blog that's been sort of abandoned for quite some time.

  3. Cool! Wish you a wonderful birthday and hungry guests :-)

    Post it then!


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