Hoje | Today

Hoje fiquei em casa, pensei em mim e nos outros, na minha liberdade e na liberdade dos outros, e, como em todos os outros anos e em todos os outros dias, agradeci a oportunidade de poder dizer em voz alta aquilo que me vai na alma, sem ter medo de me ver derrotada pelo silêncio dos outros.

Today in Portugal we celebrate the day people know as the Carnation Revolution, a revolution that happened in 1974 and was led by the military forces, ending a 40 year dictatorship. Today I stayed at home, thought about myself and others, about my freedom and the freedom of others, and, like every  other years and every other days, I thanked the opportunity to be able to say out loud what goes on in my mind, without being afraid to be defeated by everyone else's silence.


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