Avante, part two

Taken with a Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 using Kodak ColorPlus 200iso

Talvez seja por ter a palavra avante na cabeça, mas o que é certo é que hoje estive a ver sítios onde ficar em Berlim e fiquei com vontade, com muita vontade. Preciso desesperadamente de viajar.

Maybe it's because the word avante (a.k.a. to go forward) is stuck in my head, but the fact is that today I've been checking out places to stay in Berlin and I'm into it, really into it. I desperately need to travel.


  1. Oh that's great if you go to Berlin, it's a wonderful city ! I've been looking at all your posts and taking notes of the nices places of Lisboa and around, I feel like I'm gonna love this city :) And yes a cup of coffee would be nice !

  2. quando fui a berlim, fiquei no bairro kreuzberg. e se voltar lá quero ficar na mesma zona. vais gostar de certeza.


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