Inspiration Monday

Olá a todas(os)! Espero que tenham tido uma boa segunda-feira! Como já venho um pouco atrasada, só me resta dizer que as inspirações já estão no ar e espero que gostem!

Hi everyone! I hope your monday was good! Since I'm running a bit late, I'm just going to say that the inspirations are on air and I hope you'll like them!

1. The most amazing oxfords by TEN & Co (and a pretty cool lookbook too!)

2. Good-looking food over at Milas-Deli (even though I don't understand a word of german)

3. Beautiful, poetic and sad photos of abandoned places by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre
Michigan Central Station
Ballroom, American Hotel
Ballroom, Lee Plaza Hotel

4. Look at this house! (via Stadshem)

5. In love with these hair paintings by Elizabeth Mayville
original art - hair painting - "Top Knot 16"
hair art - bun print - "Top Knot 18" giclee print


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